Student Examples

Binary composition with modulation in C major

-Jakub Niemyjski

03 - Jakub - Binary_modulation_in_C.pdf

Put the Binary Hammer Down

Here is the latest in binary composition chicanery! This one was really fun, but hard to get that modulation just right. It became simple once I got the chords right.

After looking at my melodic fragment I realized that it would have to cross the bar lines to make a good cadence. It ended up being a flute voice played with piano accompaniment.

-Doug Park

02 - Doug - Put_the_Binary_Hammer_Down.pdf

Binary Composition #1

As you recommended for beginners, I based my 16 bar composition on the chord structure in the Czerny piece you gave us to analyze. I couldn't think of a proper title so it is just plain "Binary Composition #1".

The fragment I used in this binary composition appears at the beginning of the A section, and, to me, it sets a rather inert, unexciting tone to section A. However, the last 2 bars of section A set up the more lively and interesting section B. This is accomplished by not only the key change, but also a more varied rhythm (dotted 8th followed by 16th) and higher dynamic playing in octaves. Section A seems like a monotonous walk while section B is more of a lively skip or lilt.

Looking forward to hearing what the other students have created. I am so impressed at the talent and creativity of all their compositions.

-Charles Frost

04 - Charles - Binary Composition 1.pdf

April Showers

Here's my modulation composition. I chose the name April showers because Alberti Bass reminds me of a walk in the rain and then the solid chords are jumping in puddles! Also it has been lashing rain in Dublin for the last few days! 

I think i initially tried to make my previous minor melodic fragment major and then it just morphed into this. I tried to use the opening motif throughout the piece - but hopefully not too much.

I really enjoyed figuring out the modulating sections - the melody seems to get pushed into interesting places when the key is changing. 

-Kevin O'Brien

10 - Kevin - April Showers.pdf

The Butterfly and the Bee

I'm not sure that I have got the modulation right either - I ended up

just doing what sounded OK! I'm sure it needs a lot of technical

correction - so just go right ahead!

I tried to create a bit of a story....the C sharps create the

tension/"argument" between the butterfly and the bee - resolved (sort

of) at the end!

-Vicki Lamplough

11 - Vicki - The Butterfly &The Bee_Binary.PDF
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