Student Examples

8-bar composition exercise #3 (in C major)

I had a feeling that this piece would sound good when played staccato and arranged it that way.

-Jakub Niemyjski

04 - Jakub - 8bar_composition.pdf

8-Bar Composition

-Doug Park

12 - Doug - 8-bar Composition.pdf

Melody Fragment

Had a lot of fun with the melody fragment and ended up writing a whole piece but have just sent on the fragment for now. I know the bass notes are a big stretch but it just sounds so much nicer than an octave higher.

-Kevin O'Brien

16 - Kevin - Melody Fragment.pdf

8-bar exercise

With the 8-bar composition i decided on a simple approach, repeating the first two bar motive within the

I I ii I V7 I IV I V7 I chord structure that you suggested in the lesson. and making alterations at the end of each 4 bar sequence. to support the 'question answer' feel.

I found that by doing this exercise it has given me a better insight into understanding 'Lead Sheets'. I can see now how by providing melody as written music and chords as Alpha/numeric there is sufficient information to play the song. Ahhh, a light bulb moment.

-Geoff Montgomery

Fragment in F

I recon i did about 6 different fragments, settling on a fragment in F after my 8 year old grandchild said that one of my fragments sounded just like the Minecraft Theme. blaaaa, he was right. He is destined to be a copyright policeman.

Initially I used block chords, then settled on an Alberti base line. I thought is sounded better.

-Geoff Montgomery

8-bar composition and melodic fragment - Vicki Lamplough

19 - Vicki - Melodic Fragment The Butterfly.PDF
18 - Vicki - 8 Bar Comp.Rolling Along.PDF
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